IPL 2021 - One of the Biggest and Toughest Cricket Strikers in each IPL Team

IPL 2021 - One of the Biggest and Toughest Cricket Strikers in each IPL Team

One of the biggest and toughest cricket strikers in each IPL team

MS Dhoni - One of the Biggest and Toughest Cricket Strikers in each IPL Team
One of the Biggest and Toughest Cricket Strikers in each IPL Team (IPL/BCCI)

One of the Biggest and Toughest Cricket Strikers in each IPL Team Have you ever wondered why the Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest sporting events in the world? Feedback by fans. They are the ones who bring all the charms and love of cricket. But what’s next question that attracts these fans - whether it’s thousands of years old or brown? This time the glory should be given to the players who have their own attractive game show that has added fans to the game of cricket and especially to the IPL. It’s six big games, scoring top goals, so a lot of fans are eager to see it. Each team has one person or another batsman, with different fans due to his great striking power. From AB de Villiers to Rishabh Pant, check out the list of the biggest batsmen and the difficulty of cricket in each IPL team:

➣MS Dhoni - Chennai Super Kings (CSK) : MS Dhoni has sounded like one of the best batsmen and finishers the game has ever seen, he is flawless with his fine skills. MSD has one of the top six IPL records in his name. In 2012, MSD rose 112 meters in the sky, the fifth tallest in IPL history to date. The most reliable CSK striker, MSD has played more than 200 games collecting 4632 runs. His strike rate has risen to about 140. Read Also IPL 2021 : MS Dhoni's New Monk Avatar Leaves Fans Wondering, the Picture is Moving Viral

➣AB de Villiers - Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB) : He has been hailed as Mr. 360, there will be no one on this planet to question ABD's beating skills. When he is in a song, he is cruel, he burns the flames and can destroy not only the band but also the throwing function. AB de Villiers has been part of the IPL since its inception but his true potential was revealed to the world when he came to the side of the RCB. Along with Virat, ABD has won several RCB games individually. Whenever you are in trouble, the RCB has found a champion in ABD. By being able to strike in any part of the park, ABD has collected 4849 IPL runs in just 169 games in just over 40 matches and more than 150 rare strikes.

➣Hardik Pandya - Mumbai Indians (MI) : Hardik Pandya has been the revelation of India as a power activist for the past few years. Since joining Pandya's camp, Pandya has fully embraced it as a tough batsman, perhaps one of the best in the current situation. Hardik has been prominent in Mumbai Indians for the past few years and because of his good position with IM, he is now a major Indian complement. With the decline of MI orders, Pandya has played 80 games so far. With an incredible strike rate of 159+, he won 1349 runs.

➣Ben Stokes - Rajasthan Royals (RR) : The English southpaw is undoubtedly the best in the world right now. Although Ben Stokes did not shoot as hard as he could in the IPL, he certainly won the title of best RR driver. We’ve all ridden his ballistic hit in the past and hopefully, he could set the IPL 2021 on fire. In 42 games in the IPL, Stokesy has 902 runs in his name and has hit 135 strikes. We are well aware that he is a much more dangerous hater than his statistics show.

➣Rishabh Pant - Delhi Capitals (DC) : The southern hemisphere gave a glimpse of his striking skills in just under 19 days. Through his use of junior level, he was able to impress the big ones and was called up to the team at that time in Delhi Daredevils as a powerful batsman. Soon, he became Delhi Capitals' leading batsman and franchises favorite player. Pant has all sorts of eccentric shots on his galore. For some, those guns may be different but for Pant, they are his bread and butter. The strike rate of 150+ speaks volumes about his violent blows. Read Also Can Shreyas Iyer Missing IPL 2021 Due to Shoulder Injuries ?

➣Chris Gayle - Punjab Kings (PBKS) : Let me introduce you to the world of Universe Boss. Go back in time and the pressure on why Gayle earned the title of "Universe Boss". It was because of the way he beat the ball in the world of cricket. While others are just beating, Gayle prefers to make fun of the throwers. Downsizing on the trail of memory - his 175th game against Pune Warriors India in 2013 still plays a good role when he is part of the RCB family. The only person in the world who can break his or her own record. In short, he owns the T20 stadium and is its BOSS. He is now at Kings Punjab and PBKS will be relying heavily on him to win his first T20 title.

➣Andre Russell - Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) : There is something wrong with the genes of these Caribbean players. Another Jamaican, Andre Russ is best known for his "Muscling the Ball" skills. Although he is an All-Rounder, KKR has a status target for him as a batsman. Although Dre Russ may not be doing his best in the bowling alley, KKR still ignores him and steals him into playing XI just because of his striking skills. If Dre Russ is dug and KKR needs more than 12 runs per over, the game favors KKR- for only one reason and Andre Russell. His beating may have given the batterers nightmares. If KKR should put a chance to close IPL 2021 at the top, then this man’s willow needs to speak out.

➣David Warner - Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) : Probably one of the most dangerous openers in the world. David Warner is the backbone of the SRH strike line where everything else is focused. He has all the gears in his kit. Over the years he has given SRH a head start and has been a major builder in their many victories. He has a wealth of experience in 142 games in the IPL, with more than 5000 runs he has been leading with more than 140 strikes.

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